Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Submit: Hint Fiction

via Practicing Writing:

Hint Fiction:

"Tentatively scheduled for the fall of 2010, W.W. Norton will publish an anthology of Hint Fiction.

What is Hint Fiction?

It’s a story of 25 words or less that suggests a larger, more complex story. The thesis of the anthology is to prove that a story 25 words or less can have as much impact as a story 2,500 words or longer. The anthology will include between 100 and 150 stories.

We want your best work."

Submissions: August 1-31, 2009.

Pays: $25/story for World and Audio rights.

Okay, that's about a dollar a word, more if you come in below 25.

For more information and guidelines, click here.


Diz Rivera said...

Twitter Fiction!

Lou said...

I read last year's winners, and this is an intriguing challenge. Thanks!

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