Sunday, August 16, 2015

Victoria Patterson: "The Little Brother"

Summer is nearly over and among the many readings coming up in Orange County, residents should be especially interested in  two by Victoria Patterson, who in her fourth novel, The Little Brother, returns to familiar territory.  Unlike the recent Sunday New York Times reviewer, OC denizens will recognize  the real life roots of Patterson's latest as one of the county's most notorious scandals, the Haidl gang rape case.  Orange Coast magazine profiled Patterson in its August issue:

She grew up here, a daughter of privilege—with country clubs and private tennis lessons, and weekends in Catalina on a classmate’s family yacht. As a novelist and short-story writer, Patterson has spun literary gold from her insider access, but also because of her ambivalence about it.
Gilded Age New York had Edith Wharton, and contemporary Orange County has Victoria Patterson. Like Wharton, she explores social hierarchies and class prerogatives with a penetrating and critical eye. And like John O’Hara, another writer to whom she has been compared, she sees herself as a truth teller, and writes with a chip on her shoulder.

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