Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Morning Reading

In the Fall issue,
a complete story by Evan Connell,
"The Land where Lemon Trees Bloom," is available online. But, of course, you should consider subscribing. That's how it works. $25.00 a year. Poetry. Art. Fiction. Nonfiction. Commentary.

I thought about asking how Mr. Wigglesworth reacted, but I could guess. He cursed and waved his arms and shouted. I wondered what kind of poetry he wrote. I thought it must have been about the sea, or his boyhood in Idaho, or maybe the Second World War. After all, nobody could write poems about the FBI or the restaurant business or Richard Nixon.

Mr. Cabot pulled a thick gold watch from his vest pocket. The watch reminded me of an earlier century. A great many questions came to mind, but the afternoon was fading.

Read, she said.

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