Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Morning Reading: A Borrowed Dream

Javier Marias begins his essay, "A Borrowed Dream," in the winter edition of The Threepenny Review this way:

Although I'm no great fan of people telling you their dreams, especially when characters in a novel or a film do so — why are they telling me this, I wonder, if it's only a dream and we're in the middle of a fiction anyway — today, I'm going to tell you about a dream told to me by my oldest brother, Miguel.

I agree with him about dreams. It was a lesson learned from my teacher, Oakley Hall who admonished, "Write a dream, lose a reader."

Yet, Marias' brother Miguel's dream is worth reading.
Click here to do so.

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Jonathan K. Cohen said...

I actually got a personal phone call from Wendy Lesser this week. Unfortunately, it wasn't about any manuscript of mine. Instead, it was subscription-related. Still, the first few moments of listening to my answering machine and hearing, "This is Wendy Lesser, from the Threepenny Review" were thrilling.

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