Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday in Fullerton

Tonight, March 20, in Fullerton at Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Dana Spiotta, in town with her paperback novel, "Eat the Document."

1923 West Malvern Avenue

7:00 PM ~ free ~

from her website:
Dana Spiotta, whom Michiko Kakutani called "wonderfully observant and wonderfully gifted... with an uncanny feel for the absurdities and sadness of contemporary life" (The New York Times), has written a bold and moving novel about a fugitive radical from the 1970s who has lived in hiding for twenty-five years. Eat the Document is a hugely compelling story of activism, sacrifice, and the cost of living a secret.
In the heyday of the seventies underground, Bobby DeSoto and Mary Whittaker- passionate, idealistic, and in love - design a series of radical protests against the Vietnam War. When one action goes wrong, the course of their lives is forever changed. The two must erase their past, forge new identities, and never see one another again.

Now it is the 1990s. Mary lives in the suburbs with her fifteen-year-old son who spends hours immersed in the music of his mother's generation. She has no idea where Bobby is, whether he is alive or dead.

Shifting between the protests in the 1970s and the con sequences of those choices in the 1990s, Dana Spiotta deftly explores the connection between the two eras -- their language, technology, music, and activism. Character-driven and brilliant, Eat the Document is an important and revelatory novel about the culture and consequence of rebellion, with particular resonance now.

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