Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today and Tomorrow: at UC Irvine

The author series at the UCI bookstore continues.

Mike Sager, UCI visiting writer, Esquire Writer-at-Large, Rolling Stone contributing editor & GQ Writer-at-Large, will read from his new novel, "Defiant Behavior" at the UCI Bookstore today, Wednesday May 21 at 5 pm. Free.

Then, on Wednesday:

Michelle Latiolais, associate professor of English, reading from her new novel, "A Proper Knowledge."

And also, Christine Schutt, a former professor of English at UCI, reading from her new novel, "All Souls."

Both of them together, at one place, the UCI Bookstore, on Thursday, May 22, at 5:00 pm.

There will be readings, refreshments, and so, so much fun.

Ron Carlson on "A Proper Knowledge":
"The novel counts - in elegant and sometimes elegiac prose-the shadowy and elusive opportunities for redemption."

Rebecca Godfrey on "All Souls":
"'All Souls' is a revelation; a work of rare, fierce beauty. Christine Schutt constantly upends all our expectations: about young girls, about dying and love, about the lives of the wealthy, and mostly,about the possibilities of the novel."

Thanks to Matt Astrella and his fine staff who make everyone feel so welcome in the bookstore.

Be there.

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