Sunday, September 14, 2008


Head's up - at the end of the week, OC's own Gustavo Arellano celebrates his new book, Orange County: A Personal History.

Join him on Thursday at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana at 7 PM.

The book is Gustavo's own mix of personal memoir, public history and cultural critique - a must read. Andrew Tonkovich who recently hosted Arellano on his radio show, Bibliocracy, offers this brief review:

"His new book Orange County: A Personal History, further explores and reveals life in that strange, dear world of suburban retreat, institutional racism, mega-churches, orange groves gone under the dozer, and a rich and often ignored history of Mexican migration. In this political, sociological, cultural autobiography of the county and of Arellano himself, we see a young man reconcile with and even thrive in the place Ronald Reagan said good Republicans go to die, and get city profiles and restaurant reviews too!"

Some fun.

You HAVE to go, 'cause I have to teach.

More later -

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