Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Second Sundays Open Mic

This just in from Meredith Resnick over at Full Read:

Second Sundays Open Mic - - coming to OC in October!

The first in a series called Second Sundays Open Mic, hosted by Laguna Beach Books, is scheduled for Sunday, October 12, 2008 at 5 pm.

Writers of fiction and non-fiction will have an opportunity to share their work---3 minutes of it (aka: 180 seconds, 525-ish words, 2 double-spaced pages in 12-pt type, 40 lines double spaced...you get the idea!).

A random drawing of names will determine who goes first, second, etc in what promises to be a great evening. Merdith will be there, too, introducing everyone who reads, and sharing her own 3 minutes as well.

Some people call this "fast fiction," "punctual poetry" or "three-minute memoir," but the true inspiration for this event came from DimeStories, a new program in development for NPR. The show's concept grew out of an open mic series that began in San Diego four years ago at The Grove bookstore. Writers are given a time limit of 3 minutes to read their work, which allows for a fast-paced evening with tightly-edited pieces, great writing and the opportunity to meet, mingle and muse about the craft.

By hosting Second Sundays, Laguna Beach Books, a large supporter of many community-based organizations, is proud to be part of the thriving writing community here in Orange County.

A $5 donation at the door is welcome (to cover incidentals and to keep the fun going).

*Laguna Beach Books (Coast Hwy & Brooks, at The Old Pottery Place) 1200 S. Coast Hwy, Ste. 105 Laguna Beach, CA 92651 949-494-4770

(Text adapted from Meredith's blog post.)

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