Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TODAY: at the UCI Bookstore: Mean and Domestic Interior

From the good folks at the UC Irvine Bookstore:

Please join us next Wednesday, October 22, when we host two of Southern California's greatest poetic forces, Colette LaBouff Atkinson and Stephanie Brown. This very special event begins at 5 p.m. in the UCI Bookstore and is a part of the Author Series.

Colette LaBouff Atkinson will read from her newest collection, "Mean," which confronts the cruelty and imperfections of the human spirit as found in neglected family, menacing drunks, and unfaithful lovers (among many others).

"Colette LaBouff Atkinson's artful laconicism attains the force of a shout, without ever raising its voice. The intelligent, merciless narrative cool arrays a sad comedy, with an unemphatic but penetrating `and then . . . and then' accounts of love pursued far more often than it is glimpsed or realized."
-Robert Pinsky, former United States Poet Laureate to the Library of Congress

Stephanie Brown will read from her latest work "Domestic Interior," which digs deep into contemporary culture to find the dark and secret spaces of marriage, relationships, and everyday life.

"Stephanie Brown is a poetic force to be reckoned with. After the release of 'Allegory of the Supermarket' it is difficult to imagine a follow-up as strong as her first collection. 'Domestic Interior' delivers."
-Ballard Street Poetry Journal

Both witty and dangerously honest, Atkinson and Brown have been characterized as poets who are "unafraid to hold a mirror up to our circumstance."

When: Wednesday, October 22nd at 5PM
Where: At The UCI Bookstore

All are welcome. Light refreshments will be served.

By all means, go.

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