Friday, January 9, 2009

Coming up: This Sunday at Laguna Beach Books

Second Sundays Open Mic
from their blog:

If you want to read, get there early and drop your name in the bucket/hat/box or wherever you're told name should be dropped. A random drawing of names will determine who goes first, second, etc in what promises to be a great evening.

WHO (should come)?
Writers of fiction and nonfiction will have an opportunity to share their work---3 minutes of it.

WHY (three [3] minutes)?
Some people call what we're doing "fast fiction," "punctual poetry" or "three-minute memoir," but the true inspiration for this event came from DimeStories, a new program in development for NPR hosted by novelist Amy Wallen and memoirist James Spring. The show's concept grew out of an open mic series that began in San Diego four years ago at The Grove bookstore. Writers are given a time limit of 3 minutes to read their work, which allows for a fast-paced evening with tightly-edited pieces, original stories and great writing.

HOW (does this whole 3-minute thing work)?
A timer is used. When the buzzer rings, time's up. Some people read quickly, others slowly. We strongly suggest reading your piece aloud and timing yourself at home, before coming to the mic, so you know you'll finish in time. Three minutes is longer than you think!

WHAT (should I read)?
Read 3 minutes of your original fiction or nonfiction; work with a general beginning, middle and end. Tell us a story; take us on a journey.
Three (3) minutes equals (roughly):
-180 seconds
-525-ish words
-2 double-spaced pages of 12-pt type
-40 lines double-spaced

WHERE (is Second Sundays Open Mic)?
Laguna Beach Books
(Coast Hwy & Brooks, at The Old Pottery Place)
1200 S. Coast Hwy, Ste. 105
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Questions? Call: 949-494-4779

So - go.

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