Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thursday: Santa Monica Review at UC Irvine

Three contributors to the Spring 2009 issue of the Santa Monica Review will be reading Thursday May 14 at the UC Irvine Bookstore: Michael Jaime-Becerra, Emily Quinlan and editor Andrew Tonkovich. Jaime-Becerra teaches in UC Riversdie's MFA program and all three readers are or will be graduates of UCI's MFA program.

The reading begins at 5 pm. Free.

The Spring 2009 issue of Santa Monica Review, edited by Andrew Tonkovich, includes work by novelist Louis B. Jones (California’s Over) and acclaimed East Los Angeles short story writer Michael Jaime-Becerra (Every Night is Ladies’ Night)

Editor Tonkovich notes a preponderance of Californians represented in the issue: “This volume just happens to deliver on our promise to feature regional writers, part of the magazine’s historical mission. Of course, contributors also happen to be some of the very best fiction and nonfiction creative writers anywhere.”

Excerpts from the readers' stories in this issue:
Joyce and Freddy were standing in the Tick Tock parking lot, Freddy presenting her with the key to room 202, when it occurred to her that she might have mixed up her first impression of Freddy with that of his father, that she had expected Freddy to be kind and generous, and here he was, trying to hand her a key which was attached to a green plastic arrow, the address and phone number of the motel printed in white lettering. – Michael Jaime-Becerra

She had begun to talk in terms of “people” quite a bit, even when it was just the two of them: “People don’t understand how to use this food processor.” “People need to throw these sheets in the washer.” Dennis partially blamed the ladies’ thespian group she had recently joined. They did plays in swimming pools, in bank vaults, in bowling alleys, in dumpsters. – Emily Quinlan

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