Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hobart, a literary literary journal, is looking for submission for their next special theme issue: The Great Outdoors. They pay - between $50 and $150 per piece.

From their website:
Quick notes for submission:

We are currently reading submissions for our next theme issue only.

Send only one story at a time. If shorts (1,000 words or less), you can send up to three, though include all in one email and in one attachment. Any additional stories will be deleted.

Please cut and paste submission into your email, in addition to attaching. We know this screws up formatting, but we sometimes try to read submissions while offline and this helps that.

Our general aesthetic is that we are looking for stories that we will love, as readers ourselves. We've said in the past that we tend to like quirky stories with subjects like truck driving and mathematics and vagabonding but not really stories that rely too heavily on their quirkiness. We like stories with humor but are not looking for humor pieces. At one point a reader summed up a couple of our stories as "humorous but engaging" and we like how that sounds. Another reader said "literary but not stuffy". We realize no one is trying to do stuffy but, still, we think it was a good assessment. Mostly, we just want to get excited about your story as a reader and hope you will send your best work.

Simultaneous are OK and, in fact, encouraged, though please only send one submission at a time. For short shorts (stories less than 1,000 words), you may send up to three.

Please send all submissions to The subject must say "print submission" as well as the title of the story, else it will be deleted. Inclusion of any other relevant info -- your name, etc. -- is fine but not necessary. Please attach your story as either a Word or .rtf document AND cut and paste it into your email. Stories over 7,000 words are, frankly, too long for us to read and stories shorter than 1500 might be suggested for the web. Current response time for print submissions is around 1-3 months. If it has been longer than 3, please feel free to inquire.

You can also send your submissions to:

PO Box 1658
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

For more info, click here.

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