Monday, August 17, 2009

Submit! The Collagist

The Collagist is a monthly journal to be published the 15th of each month beginning August 2009. Each issue will contain short fiction, poetry, essays, book reviews, and an excerpt from a forthcoming novel. It is published by Dzanc Books.

Click here to see its first issue which includes a short story, "Maintenance Window," by Chris Bachelder, author of U.S.!, a novel about the imagined life of one Upton Sinclair. Every chapter of U.S.! ends with Sinclair's death. Other contributors include Gordon Lish, Charles Jensen and Dawn Raffel.

The Collagistpublishes short fiction, novel excerpts, poetry, nonfiction and book reviews.

Dzanc Books was created in 2006 by Steven Gillis and Dan Wickett to advance great writing and to champion those writers who do not fit neatly into the marketing niches of for-profit presses. As a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, Dzanc Books not only publishes literary fiction, but works in partnership with literary journals to advance their readership at every level. Dzanc is also fully committed to developing educational programs in schools and organizes workshops and Writer-In-Residence programs in Michigan and elsewhere to meet that goal.

For submission guidelines, click here.

A Personal Note

Yes, I'm back from my summer. For more details about where I've been and what I've done, click here and scroll around. Then there's this take in BusinessWeek: click here.

Do check out the reading sidebar as I will be updating it as the week moves on. There's lots happening. See you around.

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madness rivera said...

That BizWeek article cracked me up.

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