Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Morning Reading: Jonathan Lethem

The new Harper's features a story by Jonathan Lethem.

(Harper's - May 1897.)

The full text is not available online so you'll have to wait for your copy to arrive in your mailbox (if you're a subscriber in good standing, you should have it already), or purchase the issue or visit your library and find it on the rack.

Here's the opening paragraph:

The dreaming jaw, the salivating ear
By Jonathan Lethem

I do not think I shall visit my blog anymore. It is not so much the smell that discourages me—gulls have skeletonized the corpse in the entranceway, and the lapping tide has salt-rinsed the floorboards where the intruder’s blood was once caked as thick as fruit-leather—as it is a certain malodor of memory persisting there. The stink of my disappointment being that stink which the sea’s salt can never rinse.
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