Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Morning Reading: Victoria Patterson Interview

Over at The Elegant Variation, Kate Durbin interviews Victoria Patterson, author of Drift, a collection of stories.


KD: Many of the characters in Drift work in restaurants, often as waiters or waitresses or servers. The restaurant becomes a revealing space, wherein the screwed up power dynamics between citizens in Newport Beach are played out. What drew you to using the restaurant in your fiction?

VP: I write about restaurants and serving and being served because I’m so familiar with that world. It’s ironic that as a child and adolescent, I spent so much time at restaurants and the country club with my family, being served, and I always wondered what was going on behind the scenes. I was always more curious about those who were doing the serving. And then as an adult, I became a server—for years and years—so that I was all together aware of what was happening behind the scenes, and wished, on some level, to be among the served again. Being a server for so many years was a boon to my writing. A restaurant can be a microcosm of the hierarchies of the community.

To read the rest, click here.


Kate Durbin said...

Thanks for linking to Tory's interview! My last name is actually Durbin, if you don't mind correcting. Gracias!

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Lou said...

This is going with me to CV this weekend. xox

Sara said...

Just purchased this book after reading your blog!!!

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