Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Submit! The Southern Review

"The Southern Review is thrilled to celebrate the literary side of our national pastime. We're currently accepting submissions for a special feature about baseball to be published in the Spring 2010 issue. Please send your previously unpublished poems, stories, and essays by November 1. Play ball!"

The Southern Review Baseball Feature
Attn. Andrew Ervin
Old President’s House
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

More from their website:
"The Southern Review publishes fiction, poetry, critical essays, interviews, book reviews, and excerpts from novels in progress, with emphasis on contemporary literature in the United States and abroad, and with special interest in southern culture and history. Poems and fiction are selected with careful attention to craftsmanship and technique and to the seriousness of the subject matter. Although willing to publish experimental writing that appears to have a valid artistic purpose, The Southern Review avoids extremism and sensationalism. Critical essays and book reviews exhibit a thoughtful and sometimes severe awareness of the necessity of literary standards in our time. Art reproductions—color or black and white—of a wide range—paintings, photography, prints, sculpture—are selected on the basis of engaging content and style."

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