Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Morning Reading: "you have made the world"

"Initiation" by Rainer Maria Rilke:

Whoever you are, go out into the evening,
leaving your room, of which you know each bit;
your house is the last before the infinite,
whoever you are.
Then with your eyes that wearily
scarce lift themselves from the worn-out door-stone
slowly you raise a shadowy black tree
and fix it on the sky: slender, alone.
And you have made the world (and it shall grow
and ripen as a word, unspoken, still).
When you have grasped its meaning with your will,
then tenderly your eyes will let it go.

(translated by C.F. MacIntyre)


Lou said...


Robbi said...

Like a prayer or a prediction.

Dawn said...

Enjoying these posts.

Rebel Girl said...

I am enjoying them too! Nice to "see" you three here.

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