Friday, January 22, 2010

Orange County and UFOs

Linda Purdy (local poet and writer and reader of this blog) entered a photo in the Smithsonian Photo Initiative Contest - and won!

Her winning photo is titled: "UFO Disguised as a Vegetable Colander" and is published online along with a brief essay.

On August 3, 1965 just a few miles from where I live in Tustin, California, one of the most famous and still unexplained sequences of UFO pictures was shot near a local marine base by Rex Heflin, a maintenance highway engineer. The series of four Polaroid photos are unique because they show the movement of the object in time, with size reference to telephones poles in the foreground, giving these photos physical perspective and the status of substantial evidence of Unidentified Flying Objects according to respected UFO studies...

(Rex Helflin's photo of a craft crossing Myford Road.)

To see Linda's photo and read her essay that accompanies it, click here.


Robbi said...

I love this little essay and photograph. The first link, to the report about the photographs, was also fascinating. The idea of all of these people torturing the man who took the photos, including possibly beings from the vehicle itself, was amazing. I'm surprised no one has made a film of this. It's certainly as good a story as the fictional ones that have been filmed already.

Rebel Girl said...

I do too!

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