Friday, July 9, 2010

The Morning Reading: "in the elegy country"

Blue Suburban
by Howard Nemerov

Out in the elegy country, summer evenings,
It used to be always six o'clock, or seven,
Where the fountain of the willow always wept
Over the lawn, where the shadows crept longer
But came no closer, where the talk was brilliant,
The laughter friendly, where they all were young
And taken by the darkness in surprise
That night should come and the small lights go on
In the lonely house down in the elegy country,
Where the bitter things were said and the drunken friends
Steadied themselves away in their courses
For industrious ruin or casual disaster
Under a handful of pale, permanent stars.



Robbi said...

Something about summer lends itself to poems like this and to memories of times spent at various times in one's life out in the first dark of evening.

Jaimee Drew said...

Another summer poem for you....

Rebel Girl said...

Thanks Jaimee - I love that Oliver poem - our one and precious life indeed.

And yes, Robbi, summer does that.

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