Friday, August 6, 2010

Thinking ahead...

Among the classes I'll be teaching this fall at Irvine Valley College:

Lit 46 - Intercultural Literature
I'll focus on the works of Chicano/a or Mexican-American authors in this course. We'll read widely, including classic texts and contemporary ones.

Check out the catalog description:
This course examines the literature of people of an emergent culture (defined by gender, ethnicity, race, culture, orientation, or ideology) whose identity and concerns are traditionally ignored or stereotyped by the larger, dominant culture in which it exists. Special emphasis will be placed on the following (1) the relation between this literature and the traditional literary and critical canon by which it is ignored or marginalized; (2) the way the very existence of such literature challenges the validity of a traditional canon; (3) the way this literature works to define the cultural and personal identity of members of the emergent culture; and (4) the ways this literature works to revise the perception of this culture within the dominant culture.


Meets twice a week, Tuesday and Thursdays from 11-12:20.


And WR 11 - the short fiction workshop. This class meets once a week, Thursday evening 7-10. We read, we write.


For more information on these classes and others, check out the IVC website by clicking here.

California Community Colleges - still a deal at $26.00 per unit. That means each of these 16 week courses costs $78.00 (plus the cost of textbooks).



Lou said...

An excellent semester!

Robbi said...

I'll second that.

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