Sunday, September 5, 2010

West Coast Writers Under-represented?

Over at Zyzzyva speaks, editor Howard Junker reports on regional bias in lit mag publications.

Interesting results:

Editorial assistant Hannah Kornfeld took a look at the current issues of ten litmags to see how many West Coast writers got published.

Of a total of 212 writers, 33 lived on the West Coast: 16%.

Of those 33, ten appeared in Santa Monica Review.

Absent SMR, the percentage drops to 11%.

The other journals included: A Public Space, Carolina Quarterly, Crazy Horse, Fiction, Massachusetts Review, Missouri Review, New England Review, Poetry, Southern Review, Tin House.

Three of the journals had only one West Coaster; five had two; A Public Space had four; Fiction had six.

Who said regional bias has vanished?


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