Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Morning Reading:"our dark/skull bones' joy"

The grand Forest Gander penned an intro to this poem on Harriet, a blog of the Poetry Foundation - it's by George Oppen.

Strange Are The Products
of draftsmanship zero
that perfect
of distances terrible
thru the airs small very
small alien
on the sidewalks thru the long
time of deaths
and anger
of the streets leading
to streets brutal pitifully
brutal the swaggering
streets you cannot
know all
my love of you o my dear
friend unafraid
in saturnalia All
hallows Eve more
beautiful most
beautiful found
here saturnalia the poem
of the woman the man our dark
skull bones’ joy in the small
huge dark the
glory of joy in the small
huge dark

–Polk St., Halloween, Oct. 31, 1976


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Robbi said...

Wonderful ending.

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