Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Morning Reading: "the thick honey of this good life"

by Jane Hirshfield

In every instant, two gates.
One opens to fragrant paradise, one to hell.
Mostly we go through neither.

Mostly we nod to our neighbor,
lean down to pick up the paper,
go back into the house.

But the faint cries—ecstasy? horror?
Or did you think it the sound
of distant bees,
making only the thick honey of this good life?



smilingheart said...

lovely how we are left, pointed toward, not sure what, straining to see into some indefinite.

thanks, she's a favorite

Robbi said...


ladyludwig said...

Beautiful, beautiful.

Rebel Girl said...

Thanks for reading!

Lou said...

Listen up. She said.

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