Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Submit! Inlandia: A Literary Journey

via Jeanne's Writing Desk:

Inlandia: A Literary Journey, the online literary journal for the Inlandia Institute, is currently reading submissions.

We are primarily seeking stories, poems, novel excerpts, memoir, images, etc., by writers and artists whose work is in some way grounded in the Inland Empire, works that will give readers around the globe a sense of the region and its people.

To give a clearer picture of where this region is located, it is in the southeastern corner of California and encompasses all of Riverside and San Bernardino counties from the heights of San Gorgonio Mountain to the lows of Death Valley, from the wineries of Temecula to the shuttered citrus packing houses of Riverside, and all points in-between.

Above all else, we want fresh, compelling writing.

Please visit our website for complete guidelines and to review our current issue, which includes works by Shin Yu Pai, Rebecca K. O'Connor, Stephanie Barbe Hammer, Louise Mathias, and many more.

The Editors
Cati Porter, Maureen Alsop, Gayle Brandeis, Ruth Nolan and Jo Scott-Coe


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