Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Morning Reading: "the land is bright with wildflowers"

McClures Beach
by Sidney Hall Jr.

Here at the end of the world,
or so it seems to a traveller
in this country,

where the sun buffs the sea silver
in the late afternoon,
and water drips from the high clay banks,

having come as far as it can
from the upland meadows
where tule elk graze,

even here at this end of the world
where two turkey vultures in the sand
empty the white rib cage of a dead seal,

even here where the water is dripping
into the sand, poppies blossom,
yellow and orange,

and the land is bright with wildflowers,
as if to surprise each new visitor
who comes to the end of the world.


(Pt. Reyes from McClures Beach - Tom Killion)

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Anonymous said...

Love this: 'sun buffs the sea silver'. Gorgeous image.

the other L

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