Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Morning Reading: "What will we remember"

Looking at Pictures to Be Put Away
by Gary Snyder

Who was this girl
In her white night gown
Clutching a pair of jeans

On a foggy redwood deck.
She looks up at me tender,
Calm, surprised,

What will we remember
Bodies thick with food and lovers
After twenty years.


A little something for my 51st birthday. Photo: Summer 1983: Pamplona, Spain: Brian Harrison, Yolanda Fernandez, Lisa Alvarez



smilingheart said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. Love how excited you look in the photo.

Jaimee Drew said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Lou said...

Hope you are having a grand birthday!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely poem and photo.
Happy Birthday, and I missed seeing you yesterday,

the other L

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