Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Morning Reading: "Go to the world / Where is it / Go there"

Practical Water
- Brenda Hillman

What does it mean to live a moral life

It is nearly impossible to think about this

We went down to the creek
The sides were filled
     with tiny watery activities

The mind was split &mended
Each perception divided into more

& there were in the hearts of the water molecules
             little branches perpendicular to thought

Had lobbied the Congress but it was dead
Had written to the Committee on Understanding
Had written to the middle
    middle of the middle
   class but it was drinking

Had voted in cafes with shoplifters &
     beekeepers stirring tea made of water
     hitched to the green arc

An ethics occurs at the edge
of what we know

The creek goes underground about here

The spirits offer us a world of origins
Owl takes its call from the drawer of the sky

Unusually warm global warming day out

A tiny droplet shines
     on a leaf & there your creek is found

It has borrowed something to
    link itself to others

We carry ourselves through the days in code
DNA like Raskolnikov’s staircase neither
    good nor bad in itself

Lower frequencies are the mind
What happened to the creek
    is what happened
    to the sentence in the twentieth century
It got social underground

You should make yourself uncomfortable
If not you who

Thrush comes out from the cottony
    coyote bush glink-a-glink
           chunk drink
    turns a golden eyebrow to the ground

We run past the plant that smells like taco sauce

Recite words for water
    weeter wader weetar vatn
    watn voda
[insert all languages here]

Poor Rimbaud didn’t know how to live
   but knew how to act
Red-legged frog in the pond sounds like him

Uncomfortable & say a spell:
blossom knit & heel affix
fiddle fern in the neck of the sun

It’s hard to be water
    to fall from faucets with fangs
    to lie under trawlers as horizons
    but you must

Your species can’t say it
You have to do spells & tag them

Uncomfortable & act like you mean it

Go to the world
Where is it
Go there


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