Monday, January 6, 2014

The Morning Reading: "Now we must dismantle the tree"

from "Christmas Oratorio"
by W.S. Auden

Well, so that is that.
Now we must dismantle the tree,
Putting the decorations back into their cardboard boxes -
Some have got broken – and carrying them up to the attic.
The holly and the mistletoe must be taken down and burnt,
And the children got ready for school. There are enough
Left-overs to do, warmed-up, for the rest of the week -
Not that we have much appetite, having drunk such a lot,
Stayed up so late, attempted – quite unsuccessfully -
To love all of our relatives, and in general
Grossly overestimated our powers. Once again
As in previous years we have seen the actual Vision and failed
To do more than entertain it as an agreeable
Possibility, once again we have sent Him away,
Begging though to remain His disobedient servant,
The promising child who cannot keep His word for long.



Anonymous said...

I love these photos!

the other L

Superior Signs and Graphics said...

Taking down the tree is always the hardest part of the Holidays. What a great poem that sums up how most feel come January. Love your blog!

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