Monday, February 10, 2014

The Morning Reading: "it’s personal when is it not personal "

- Victoria Chang

The boss calls us at home the boss can call us 
    the boss tells us to turn on the television
  not to go into work I watch over and over
      the planes the buildings that met each

  other wept each other the people stuck 
                          the boss’s voice
   shakes the boss must look familiar like a
     mother like a sister but the boss isn’t our mother isn’t
                our sister the shoe doesn’t fit she can

                whimper does whimper can feel sorry for other people
                    can vomit sadness when someone says
                it’s personal when is it not personal about the person
                       when the planes crashed into the

                 towers the pilots’ bodies met a CEO their bodies
                           pressed together their power latched
         together on the 54th floor hating each other embracing
                                each other like an accordion


Victoria Chang will read this Wednesday February 12 from 6-8 in HIB 135 at UC Irvine.  No doubt she'll be reading from her new collection, The Boss.

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