Thursday, April 24, 2008

Martinez Bookstore needs your support!

One of Orange County's last independent bookstores is threatened with closure. As you know, it's difficult for independents to make a go of it in today's market of online bookstores and mega chains but Libreria Martinez is much more than a bookstore, it's a community resource and treasure. You don't see the kind of programming they offer at the big chains: bilingual storytimes for children, free creative arts workshops for young people, free ESL classes for the community, an impressive array of local, national and international writers...and much more. Check out their website for more information: click here.

The online bookstores and mega-chains don't contribute to the community the way this man and his staff do. What is convenient is not always what is best. Martinez Bookstore is what is best.

They've supported folks so much in the past - now is the time to support them.

On The Blotter, Gustavo "Ask a Mexican" Arellano reports:

You know we live in dark times when a Macarthur Genius-winning mensch like Rueben Martinez has to close his legendary Libreria Martinez, the country's premier Latino-themed bookstore visited by every author from the legendary (Carlos Fuentes) to the terrible (yours truly). Am about to board a flight to Kansas City, so much more to come. Just two thoughts for y'all: hey, Santa Ana Mayor Papi Pulido: instead of allocating $1 million for a FREAKING ANTEATER EXHIBIT at the Santa Ana Zoo, howzabout helping Mr. Martinez? And Martinez landlord Mike Harrah: instead of building your Moby Dick of a phallic symbol of a 37-story skyscraper, howzabout helping out your best tenant? I ain't holding my breath...

**UPDATE: Just got off the phone with a Libreria Martinez worker. Store is selling some books at 40% off in the hopes of staving off a closure. There's still hope that Martinez doesn't shut down, but people need to start buying books--and fast

Gustavo will be reading at the bookstore next Friday May 2 at 7 pm. Drop by then if you can or before would be even better.

Give them a call and instead of ordering your next book on Amazon, order it through them.

Spend the money you would spend this weekend at the LA Times Festival of Books at Martinez instead.

This is an opportunity to make a real difference.

Libreria Martinez is located at: 1110 N. Main St.
Santa Ana, CA 92701

telephone: 714-973-7900


Jonathan K. Cohen said...

Why is the bookstore in such straits? A greedy landlord jacking up the rent? (That's what it usually is...) Or is it just a lack of business, compounded by the recession?

One other note: it would be easier to place an order if one knew what the store had in stock. There's no sense in calling up and ordering something for which the store has to eat the short discount from Baker & Taylor.

Rebel Girl said...

Gustavo Arellano suggest it's a number of factors - I assume he'll exslain more in the Weekly.

Regarding their stock - they operate in the old school way - ya gotta walk in and persue the shelves.

Good point about Baker and Taylor.

Daniel Olivas said...

Lisa, thank you for getting the word out. We'll do a post on La Bloga. The fight continues.

Gustavo Arellano said...

Jonathan: I have an article about Libreria Martinez's closing in this Thursday's OC Weekly. In the meanwhile, stop by or order my book from them!

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