Saturday, September 6, 2008

Submit! My Beautiful Laundrette

Those folks down south in San Diego at City Works Press have another inspired anthology project.

Take a look:

Lavandería: A Mixed Load of Women, Wash and Word, seeks submissions.

Fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and other dirty deeds signifying sorting, washing, ironing, folding laundry, and life.

See for submission guidelines.

Deadline: December 15. Maximum: 5,000 words or 5 poems. (Include bio.)

E-mail Word DOC submission only to

The anthology is tentatively scheduled for publication in the fall of 2009.

So...think Tillie Olsen - I Stand Here Ironing.

Consider this poem by Ruth Moose:


All our life
so much laundry;
each day’s doing or not
comes clean,
flows off and away
to blend with other sins
of this world. Each day
begins in new skin,
blessed by the elements
charged to take us
out again to do or undo
what’s been assigned.
From socks to shirts
the selves we shed
lift off the line
as if they own
a life apart
from the one we offer.
There is joy in clean laundry.
All is forgiven in water, sun
and air. We offer our day’s deeds
to the blue-eyed sky, with soap and prayer,
our arms up, then lowered in supplication.

Now write.

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