Thursday, September 4, 2008

Submit! Mississippi

Just saw this from Mississippi Review .com - the deadline is coming up fast.

from their website:

Ekphrasis—employing one art to describe another art.

Literary ekphrasis has been around since Homer suspended the action in The Iliad long enough to exhaustively describe the shield of Achilles. The figures on Keats’s Grecian urn, the twisted countenance of Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray, and Dorothea Brooke’s tour of the Vatican galleries all come to us through ekphrastic expression.

We are seeking ekphrastic poems, stories and personal essays that take a moment, or even several pages, to depict, contemplate, and speculate upon visual works of art.

Please submit by e-mail only to issue editor Jane Armstrong at

Send up to three poems, ten pages max or prose up to 4000 words. Attach the work in Word or RTF format.

Deadline: September 15, 2008

Click here for more information.

(image: Robert Motherwell's Elegy for the Spanish Republic No. 110)


Erica said...

I know -- how great does that sound? It'll be an issue, I'd like to read.

Rebel Girl said...

I know, I just LOVED the concept.

Thanks for visiting - please return!

aoc gold said...

The Lake Isle of Innisfree

I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,

And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made;

Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honey-bee,

And Live alone in the bee-loud glade.

And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow,

Dropping from the veils of the morning to where the cricket sings;

There midnight's all a glimmer, and noon a purple glow,

And evening full of the linnet's wings.

I will arise and go now, for always night and day,

I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;

Whil I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements gray,

I hear it in the deep heart's core.

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