Thursday, October 16, 2008

Friday: Oakley Hall Memorial

On Friday at 4 p.m. at the University Club at UC Irvine, friends, colleagues, former students and family will gather to celebrate the life of Oakley Hall.

Scheduled speakers include members of the university community and former MFA students.

All are welcome.


A.L. said...

Thedmo Pink and I attended the beautiful memorial gathering yesterday afternoon.

I was very moved by all of the speakers' tributes to Oakley Hall.
He left quite a legacy, not just in his brilliant literary work and loving and accomplished family, but in forming a community of artists and humanitarians (is that the word i'm searching for?) to carry on his life's work. My impression of everyone in the room last night: kind people engaged with life--observing it, describing it, supporting or making art from it, and in their own unique way fighting to better their corner of the world...

I admire Hall's novels very much. He is an inspiring man who loved deeply. It was a privilege to be at the event yesterday.

Rebel Girl said...

Thanks, A.L.

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