Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tonight: Michelle Latioalais

MICHELLE LATIOLAIS, will read from and discuss her novel, "A Proper Knowledge" at the Newport Beach Central Library tonight, Thursday January 29 at 7 PM.

1000 Avocado Avenue, Newport Beach


Here's what Andrew Tonkovich, host of the radio show, Bibliocracy, had to say about Latiolais who was a recent guest:

My guest today is Michelle Latiolais, whose new novel A Proper Knowledge arrives from Bellevue Literary Press, an imprint of NYU’s School of Medicine, this ostensibly due to the book’s portrayal of the science that informs the life and therapeutic practice of a Los Angeles psychiatrist specializing in treating autism patients. But Latiolais’s elegant and empathetic characterizations of the doctor’s patients, of the doctor himself and her telling of a variety of love story arrive from a very careful writer’s careful observations, what Elizabeth Tallent calls “A thousand things noticed that you won’t have seen in fiction before.” Latiolais is Associate Professor at UC Irvine and co-director of its Programs in Writing, the graduate fiction workshop which has produced so many excellent writers including herself. She is author of many short stories, published most recently in Western Humanities Review and Green Mountains Review, as well as a novel, Even Now, which won the Gold Medal for Fiction from the Commonwealth Club of California. She is an amazing teacher, a friend and mentor to many writers.

To listen to Latiolais on Bibliocracy, click here (and then continue to follow directions).

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