Thursday, April 30, 2009

Submit! Indiana Review: 1/2 K Contest

Lydia Davis will be the judge for the Indiana Review's 1/2 K contest.

How cool is that?

You've got a month.

Here's the scoop:

*Each piece must be either a prose-poem or short-short. Prose-poems should not have any deliberate line breaks (ie no lineated poems). You may send a combination of short-shorts and prose poem pieces, as long as you have no more than 3 pieces per submission.
*No previously published works, or works forthcoming elsewhere.

All entries considered for publication.

All entries considered anonymously.

Send no more than 3 pieces, 500 words maximum per piece. (That's 3 short-shorts or prose-poems max per entry fee.)


Reading Fee:$15 for US entries, $27 for international entries, $22 for Canadian contestants. Includes a year’s subscription.

For more info, click here.

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